About this project

In the first half of February 2010 I am working as artist in residence at the Lock-Up Cultural Centre in Newcastle NSW. During this time I have begun working towards a new video-based installation that takes its cues from the spaces and landscape of central Newcastle. It is a landscape that while seemingly on the threshold of reinvention, simultaneously speaks from and of the past. For this project I not only intend to draw from the appearance(s) of the landscape itself but also from the remnants of material culture and the ephemeral historical records that are strewn in the wake of the time. This online space will be an ongoing focus for the project, forming a database of the various items gathered as source materials. Photography, film/video, sound and text will all be used to inscribe the partly obscured and partly fictional history that is central to the project. Like the project itself this website is intended as a speculative engagement of the submerged psychic fabric of the city. A strata at once forgotten but still visible to those who look.

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