The Shadow of Rationality

What is the place of youth in politics? Some Newcastle Young Liberals have their say.

On Tuesday June 25 1968, under the stern sounding headline; EMPHASIS ON YOUTH, the Newcastle Herald published the perfectly rational (if somewhat meaningless) views of the local Young Liberals regarding youth and politics. Meanwhile on the opposite page youth courted irrationality and came off second best. Seven in Court on drug charges the weighty headline proclaimed. The report started: Seven young people appeared in Newcastle Court yesterday on drug charges following police raids on the week-end. Unfortunately there were no images of the convicted “marihuana” smokers published nor their opinions on how they saw their role in the political process.

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  1. wow this is great research, im glad i found this can start trying to splice this info into my regular conversations with locals in my ‘hello i am a spystation’ 1minute play hawked to anyone who will stop for 5 seconds at my window. oo! im just about to do a search to see if i can find anything here for my workshop participants..

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