Two signs made by Penny Thwaite using 1950s home movie titling letters. Each sign bears a quote by W G Sebald from his first (proper) book Vertigo selected by Johannes Klabbers. These signs were used as in-situ titles for a series of short films I have shot at various locations in Newcastle.

2 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. nice. it is interesting how each person who made the signs did so in their own ‘style’.
    vertigo is not, strictly speaking, sebald’s first book. that was ‘after nature’. but maybe it was his first ‘proper’ book :p

  2. Point taken on the Sebald book. I originally described it as “seminal” but thought that too pat so changed it to “first” at the last moment…

    Yes i do like the way the signs bear the aesthetic/conceptual sensibilities of the makers. You can probably tell Penny ran out of a few letter, but found a most creative way around the problem. As you know, what seems like such a simple act, setting a few lines of type, soon becomes an engrossing challenge in which you pit the demands of communication against the constraints of space and the infelxibilty of physical type.

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