…on the opening night.

“The Screen would light up. they would feel a thrill of satisfaction. But the colours had faded with age, the picture wobbled on the screen, the women were of another age; they would come out they would be sad. It was not the film they had dreamt of. It was not the total film each of them had inside himself, the perfect film they could have enjoyed for ever and ever. The film they would have liked to make. Or, more secretely, no doubt, the film they would have liked to live.”

Georges Perec, Things: A Story of the Sixties. Translated from the French, by David Bellos. Collins Harvill, London,1990, p57. (Originally published 1965)


Two signs made by Penny Thwaite using 1950s home movie titling letters. Each sign bears a quote by W G Sebald from his first (proper) book Vertigo selected by Johannes Klabbers. These signs were used as in-situ titles for a series of short films I have shot at various locations in Newcastle.