Dedicated Followers of Fashion

According to Ray Davies’ slyly acerbic lyrics to the Kinks 1966 hit Dedicated Follower of Fashion, “They seek him here, they seek him there”. However, it seems that the modish fashions that Davies assiduously cataloged in the song were not sought or welcomed by the young women of Newcastle. Or, at the very least, the type of young women whose views were aired by The  Newcastle Herald. Under the headline “Way-out fashions slated” on June 11 1968 The Herald published the views of five young women on the new fashion trends for men. With the exception of one lone dissenting  voice, the women were resoundingly negative in their appraisal of the increasingly “feminine” appearance of the fashionable male.  Vacillating  between confusion and hostility the interviewees attempt to articulate their opposition to such fashions and the threat they pose to their essentialist notions of sexuality and difference. As one woman fervently claims: “It is the difference in taste and logic that makes the sexes interesting and appealing to each other. Why spoil it?”

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The Shadow of Rationality

What is the place of youth in politics? Some Newcastle Young Liberals have their say.

On Tuesday June 25 1968, under the stern sounding headline; EMPHASIS ON YOUTH, the Newcastle Herald published the perfectly rational (if somewhat meaningless) views of the local Young Liberals regarding youth and politics. Meanwhile on the opposite page youth courted irrationality and came off second best. Seven in Court on drug charges the weighty headline proclaimed. The report started: Seven young people appeared in Newcastle Court yesterday on drug charges following police raids on the week-end. Unfortunately there were no images of the convicted “marihuana” smokers published nor their opinions on how they saw their role in the political process.

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Youths Speak About Their Adults, 1968

Much has been said and written about the faults of  the younger generation.  We found they have ideas of their own to express, particularly on what’s wrong with the older generation.

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