Nestled at the back of a rather unassuming apartment block on Al. Jeroziolimskie (directly opposite the Palac Kultury i Nauki) is purportedly the world’s only remaining operational example of a Kaiser Panorama. The Panorama or FotoPlastikon is a late 19thC device that presents up to 25 seated viewers a series of stereoscopic ‘views’. The views mostly dating from the late 19th / early 20th C depict various colonised exotic locations with a smattering of pre-war Warsaw cityscapes. The 3D effect of these views is breathtaking with the spatial embodiment one feels through looking at them somewhat at odds with the antiquated technology of their presentation. Each time I return to Warsaw I am pleasantly surprised that the Fotoplastikon is still in operation. On an earlier visit a series of views of post-war Warsaw were on display so it seems that program changes, how often I don’t know. Perhaps a greater story would be how the Fotoplastikon actually survived the devastation of the war. that reduced over 90% of the city to rubble.

If you planning a visit it is open very limited hours:

Tuesday & Thursday 15 – 18.00
Saturday 11 – 15.00
Fotoplastikon Warszawa

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  1. 1 Robert

    I had never heard of the Fotoplastikon before reading your site (which I found on Metafilter.) now I have another site to add to my map of places to visit…,60.117188&spn=115.996382,237.304688&z=2&om=1

    I look forward to reading your site for more interesting sites.

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