Privileging Memory

1989 was an interactive CD-Rom based on photographs and super 8 footage shot in Berlin in 1989. It was exhibited at the Sydney College of the Arts Gallery in 2002 and at the Centre for Contemporary Photography e-Media gallery in 2003.

Conceived of as an interactive experience the CD-Rom version of 1989 is no longer playable on current operating systems. It is presented here as a video recording of a typical navigation of the work. While the sense of discovery the original work engendered is lost by this essentially linear presentation the unique weave of imagery, sound and movement are still present.

From the notes that accompanied its exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography:

1989 is a CD-Rom artwork that uses images and footage retrieved from the archive some twelve years after their creation. Primarily shot by the artist in November and December 1989 around a stretch of the Berlin Wall near the Brandenburg Gate, the work also includes snippets of contemporary news footage. The result is an elegy to the twentieth century: a conversation with history that privileges memory- not just a memory of events – but a slippery field of relations and drives. When images bump into another and dissolve into nothing, and seemingly random details appear from the depths to be subsumed again, the past becomes something not so much to be re-presented as to be drifted through.

15 mins 29 secs
(video walkthrough)

Interactive CD-Rom