The Impossibility Of Being (Anyone But Yourself)

Difference and Repetition

Circa 1975, a boy runs on the edge of the Grand Canyon, accompanied by the sound of a primitive beat box. Bathed in the golden glow of sunlight and Kodachrome he gestures to the camera recognising its hold on the moment. This short sequence repeats, each time the fixity of the image is undermined by a wavering digital flux induced by its own movement until but a trace remains. A trace of an identity that is at once lost to history and irrefutably, uncannily persistent.

The Impossibility Of Being (Anyone But Yourself) was included in Dumbsh*t Video Art an exhibition curated by Stefan Popescu at May Space. The video was subsequently included in the Re:Cinema program, a research-based project c0-curated by Ryszard Dabek and John Di Stefano.

2 min 02 sec

Digitally processed found Super 8