Light That Goes

Light That Goes, Light That Returns

This short film was made in late 2020 as a companion piece, or prequel of sorts, to my 16mm film Light That Returns (April 2020). Light That Goes was constructed from a variety of source materials including hand-processed 16mm and Super 8 film as well found archival 16mm footage of the final battle of Monte Cassino. It features, like its companion film, a specially composed soundtrack by composer/musician John Encarnacao. Where Light That Returns was conceived as a response to the lockdown of 2020, this film uses the materiality of film to abstract strands of personal history, hinting at that which came before.

Both films were shown in the form of a continuous loop in the exhibition Perforations during October 2020 at Articulate Project Space, Sydney.

3 min 01 sec

Hand Processed B&W 16mm & Super8 film, found archival 16mm film.