International Red Light

International Red LightArkitex & Photograms International Red Light consisted of a single sculpture accompanied by four black and white photographic prints. The exhibition's title referenced both the International Style architecture central to the work and the general state of systemic blockage that coincided with the project's inception and display. The exhibition's sculptural element consisted of [...]

Looking & Finding

Looking & FindingAfter Spring Garden An exhibition consisting of two distinct, though interrelated, series of colour photographs. The first of these features architectural and topographical details shot on 35mm colour negative film in Tokyo and Kyoto during 2019. The second series of images features details of architectural drawings gleaned from 1960s Japanese lifestyle magazines. Each [...]

Sirius: Three Quarter View

Sirius: Three Quarter ViewConflict of Interest A filmic portrait of the Sirius Building shot on Black and White 16mm film and presented as a continuous projected film loop. The Sirius Building, wedged next to the Harbour Bridge in Sydney's historic Rocks area, was designed in 1979 by architect Tao Gofers for the NSW State Government [...]

Phantom Bid

Phantom BidA Catalog of Appearances Phantom Bid work is an exercise in cinematic archaeology, in summoning forth the ghosts of Hollywood’s past through the scant evidence of a single document. The imagery that made up this installation was drawn from a catalogue of movie memorabilia that was put up for auction by 20th Century Fox [...]

Optimum Viewing Distance

Optimum Viewing DistanceKensington Mansions, Maryon Park, Thamesmead An installation consisting of a series of three specially constructed viewing boxes that occupied an uncertain formal space; somewhere between minimalist sculpture and pre-cinematic viewing devices. These miniature cinemas each housed a short super-8 film shot in London during December 2011. Each of these films revisits the location [...]