Sky Show

A film for Tinderbox

A short film made as a visual accompaniment to music contained on the LP Tinderbox.  Tinderbox was composed by guitarist John Encarnacao as a score for the play of the same name written by Alana Valentine and directed by Zoë Carides for Darlinghurst Theatre. It was performed live in the studio by improvising trio Espadrille.

Conceived in direct relation to the music with which it shares its name, Skyshow is intended as a recognition of place and the mysteries locked therein. Sliding between HD digital video and grainy 16mm footage, the film alludes to an array of meanings and histories subsumed in the landscape.

The film was used as the basis for a series of improvised video performances Dabek undertook with Espadrille in 2018. You can read a review of one here.

Tinderbox  is available on CD and LP  to purchase from Psychopyjama records here.

7 min 22 sec

Digital Video & B&W 16mm