Light That Goes

Light That GoesLight That Goes, Light That Returns This short film was made in late 2020 as a companion piece, or prequel of sorts, to my 16mm film Light That Returns (April 2020). Light That Goes was constructed from a variety of source materials including hand-processed 16mm and Super 8 film as well found archival [...]

Light That Returns

Light That ReturnsLight That Goes, Light That Returns This short film was made in April 2020 for Window, an experimental film project instigated by the Artist Film Workshop in Melbourne. Shot on a single 100ft roll of 16mm film and accompanied by a shimmering soundtrack composed by John Encarnacao, Light That Returns was conceived as [...]


NakaginCapsule Tower Shot on Super 8 in Tokyo during May 2019. Nakagin presents Kisho Kurokawa’s 1972 metabolist masterpiece, the Nakagin Capsule Tower, as simultaneously a site of revolutionary intent and crumbling utopianism. Soundtrack by Problem:Aphids. DURATION 5 min 29 sec MEDIUM Digitised Super 8 film with composed soundtrack. (Super 8 Tri-X #7266) YEAR 2019

Sirius: Three Quarter View

Sirius: Three Quarter ViewConflict of Interest A filmic portrait of the Sirius Building shot on Black and White 16mm film and presented as a continuous projected film loop. The Sirius Building, wedged next to the Harbour Bridge in Sydney's historic Rocks area, was designed in 1979 by architect Tao Gofers for the NSW State Government [...]

Sky Show

Sky ShowA film for Tinderbox A short film made as a visual accompaniment to music contained on the LP Tinderbox.  Tinderbox was composed by guitarist John Encarnacao as a score for the play of the same name written by Alana Valentine and directed by Zoë Carides for Darlinghurst Theatre. It was performed live in the [...]

The Economist Plaza

The Economist PlazaSearching for Antonioni This film revisits a key site of Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up: Alison and Peter Smithson’s modernist tour de force The Economist Plaza. Shot on Super 8 on a grey Sunday morning the film operates at the nexus of personal obsession, architectural space and cinematic memory. Soundtrack by John Encarnacao. The Economist [...]

Phantom Bid

Phantom BidA Catalog of Appearances Phantom Bid work is an exercise in cinematic archaeology, in summoning forth the ghosts of Hollywood’s past through the scant evidence of a single document. The imagery that made up this installation was drawn from a catalogue of movie memorabilia that was put up for auction by 20th Century Fox [...]

The Thames

The ThamesWater Under The Bridge A view from from a bridge in the straining winter sun, The Thames is at once a meditation on the passage of time and the timelessness of the river itself. Shot in a single take from the Millennium Bridge in London and accompanied by a specially composed soundtrack the video [...]

The Impossibility Of Being (Anyone But Yourself)

The Impossibility Of Being (Anyone But Yourself)Difference and Repetition Circa 1975, a boy runs on the edge of the Grand Canyon, accompanied by the sound of a primitive beat box. Bathed in the golden glow of sunlight and Kodachrome he gestures to the camera recognising its hold on the moment. This short sequence repeats, each [...]


SkarpaA City Poem Skarpa is an exercise in conjuring the ghosts of twentieth century utopianism that haunt that most embattled of European metropolises, Warsaw. Drawing off the modernist tradition of the city poem film Skarpa seeks to counterpoint the built environment with the elusive subjectivities of its inhabitants. Switching between extended observational passages and overtly [...]